Deborah N. Campbell

Sevierville, Tennessee

Deborah N. Campbell is a Sevier County native. She joined the firm in 1984 and has served in numerous positions since that time. Debbie began her career as an administrative assistant to one of the firm’s partners, with her primary responsibility being litigation support. While Debbie continues to perform a number of litigation support duties as needed, her primary role is now that of office manager. In her role as office manager, Debbie is responsible for the day to day business operations of the firm. In addition, she works with clients, vendors, and others to provide all of the necessary tools to keep the firm operating efficiently and ensures that the latest technology is available to the attorneys and support staff.

Debbie’s many years of experience with the firm allow her to serve as the firm’s institutional memory. She understands the needs of the firm’s business and municipal clients, which allows the attorneys to provide an even greater level of service. For long-standing clients of the firm, Debbie is a familiar and comforting presence, and they know that she is a skilled member of the team working to meet their legal needs.


  • Graduate of Sevier County High School.

Office manager

  • Client, vendor, and supplier relationship management
  • Efficiency evaluations and technological support
  • Technology acquisitions for the firm

Litigation support responsibilities

  • Drafting documents
  • Assembling business and probate data
  • Preparing files for trial
  • Serving as a liaison to clients