The Smoky Mountains National Park area in East Tennessee is one of the most visited tourist sites in America. Every year, millions of local residents and visitors from across the country and around the world drive our highways and roads to appreciate the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Unfortunately, the high number of automobiles, trucks and motorcycles crowding the roads mean an increased number of motor vehicle accidents. At Ogle, Gass & Richardson, P.C., we represent numerous local residents and visitors from out of state who have suffered injuries or lost a loved one as the result of the negligence of others in a collision or accident where they were not at fault. Many of these clients have never been in a serious car accident, and have no idea what steps to take to protect their legal rights. Listed below is a general outline of actions you can take as soon as possible following an accident involving a negligent driver.

What Should I Do After An Accident?

  • Call a lawyer. Critical evidence can be lost or destroyed in the days and weeks after an accident. The sooner you call, the better we can protect you.
  • Do not say or sign anything without an attorney present. Your statements are likely to be misconstrued and used against you in court.
  • Report your accident to police, property owners and insurance.
  • Take pictures of the scene of the accident. Photograph damage to your vehicle, the injuries you sustained, and the weather, road, or lighting conditions that could have contributed to your accident.
  • Exchange contact information with other drivers and eyewitnesses.
  • Take note of any statements made by other parties.
  • Go to the hospital or your family physician. Even if you feel fine, you may have sustained internal injuries or your external injuries may be more severe than you realize.
  • Do not wash or throw away the clothes you were wearing on the day of the accident. Preserve your outerwear, sneakers and accessories in plastic bags. Your clothing may contain residual evidence that could prove crucial to your case.
  • If a defective product caused your injury, do not return the item to the manufacturer, where it can be lost or misplaced. Keep the product that caused the injury, the accessories, the box, the instruction manual and the purchase receipt.
  • Document your out-of pocket costs, including mileage to medical appointments. Save your medical receipts and document your lost wages. A judge is more likely to award you damages if he or she sees exact amounts of the expenses you have incurred.
  • Keep track of your medical treatment.
  • Start a journal to document the issues that you have faced as a result of your accident, including your activities on the day of the accident, the accident itself, the injuries that you sustained, no matter how minor, the medical treatment that you receive, the medications that you are prescribed, your physical and mental state each day, and any activities in which you were unable to participate or in which you had difficulty participating.

Injured in an accident while visiting from out of town? Let us serve as your legal counsel to help you recover the full and fair monetary damages to which you are entitled.

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