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How will driverless cars improve the world?

In the wake of several fatal car accidents that involved autonomous and semiautonomous vehicles, it seems that the fervor and excitement that surrounded this technology has begun to cool. Consumers, however, are still excited about the numerous benefits associated with a world without drivers, but they're realizing this dream could take some time to finally become a reality.

In the meantime, however, it doesn't hurt to consider the benefits that fully autonomous vehicles could provide:

Adjust your driving to reflect the weather: It’s the law

Some drivers seem to operate their vehicles the same no matter what the external weather conditions happen to be. However, weather conditions will have a dramatic effect on a motorist's ability to brake, turn and maintain control of their vehicles. For this reason, it's necessary that motorists adjust their driving to reflect the current weather conditions. Not only is this the smart thing to do -- it's the law.

Here are a few weather conditions that require drivers to adjust:

Never minimize the seriousness of a DUI charge

When it comes to allegations of driving under the influence, there is no such thing as a minor case. Even if you have never faced such charges before, you need to take them seriously. Consulting with an experienced attorney is imperative and that becomes more necessary if this is not a first offense.


Warning: Prolonged baby powder use may cause cancer

If there was any doubt in the minds of the public concerning the alleged cancer-causing nature of Johnson & Johnson baby powder products, a recent $4.7 billion jury verdict against the corporation could be enough to tip the scales of public opinion.

In the lawsuit, which jurors decided in the first half of July 2018, the cases of 22 women who contracted ovarian cancer came before the court. The plaintiffs presented evidence from expert testimony and medical and scientific tests to prove their cases, claiming that their prolonged application of Johnson & Johnson talcum-based baby powder caused them to develop ovarian cancer. The jury agreed based on the evidence presented that the baby powder did cause their cancer.

Housekeeping practices that prevent slip-and-fall injuries

A slip-and-fall accident can cause deadly injuries and leave property owners vulnerable to personal injury lawsuits. Property owners, therefore, must be careful to keep their properties safe and free of unnecessary obstacles and problems that could result in a slip, trip or fall. One way to prevent injuries to guests on a property is to maintain good housekeeping practices. At a bare minimum, property owners need to do the following in terms of housekeeping:

Establish cleanliness and orderliness standards. Create a plan that ensures all areas frequented by property visitors are clean, organized and well-kept. Determine what has to be done to clean and organize these areas and establish standards for what various areas of the property need to look like.

4 ways to prevent vehicle accidents

It's kind of difficult to believe, but if Tennessee motorists simply obeyed all of the traffic rules, drivers could circumvent the vast majority of car accidents and hundreds of lives would be saved every year. Unfortunately, we do not currently live in a society of rule followers and many drivers invariable break the law in countless ways every time they get behind the wheel.

Aside from following the rules of the road -- which is probably the most important thing that any driver can do -- here are a few more vital safety tips that every motorist in Tennessee should follow to keep themselves and their passengers safe:

When driving, it pays to hold off on eating.

When you were young, your parents probably told you to wait two hours to swim after eating. But did anyone ever warn you against eating while driving? With the proliferation of drive-through fast food restaurants, it’s become an oddly accepted societal norm in this country—even though such behavior is actually quite dangerous.

What makes eating while driving dangerous?

5 lives lost to Tennessee boating accidents this year

We've made it halfway through 2018, but not without losing five souls to Tennessee boating accidents. Three out of five of these accidental deaths involved paddle-driven watercrafts. Unfortunately, it looks like we could see even more deaths in the second half of the year.

Now that we've crossed the important date of Memorial Day, we've officially entered "boating season," and that means that more tragic accidents and fatalities are forthcoming. One of the biggest problems with boating that causes so many accidents is the fact that numerous Tennessee residents enjoy combining a day out on the lake or river with alcohol. In this respect, it often seems like boating and alcohol are synonymous. However, being on a boat in the hot sun during summer gets exacerbated when people drink. Experts say that engine vibration and the motion of waves become worse when someone is intoxicated, making a boat more difficult than ever to control.

Amusement park injuries can change your life

For many parents, summer is perfect time to take your family on a vacation. If your kids are the right age, an amusement park may be the destination of choice. Visiting an amusement park can provide fun for the whole family. Unfortunately, visiting an amusement parks is not always fun and games. According to CNN, an estimated 30,000 injuries occurred at amusement parks in 2016 and were serious enough to require a trip to the emergency room.


Important tips for a fun and safe family vacation

Getting out of town for a relaxing road trip after months of work makes you think of carefree times and fun, not accidents. However, accidents do happen on vacation and many are preventable. Here’s a breakdown of the leading causes of vacation accidents and how to help prevent them.


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