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How do doctors diagnose a spinal cord injury?

Spinal cord injuries are an unfortunate part of many catastrophic car crashes. These injuries can leave victims unable to care for themselves without assistance, unable to hold down a job and unable to enjoy many of the leisurely activities they engaged in before their accidents. However, with swift, appropriate and advanced medical treatment, many spinal cord victims can speed up the healing process and reduce the severity of their permanent injuries. For this reason, it's important that doctors diagnose a spinal cord injury as quickly as possible.

Here are the three primary methods of diagnosing serious spinal cord damage:

2 questions about wrongful death lawsuits

It's hard -- if not impossible -- to deal with the devastating emotional effects of losing a loved one in a fatal accident. Trying to add the complexity of pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit on top of this is even more difficult. In most cases, for example, wrongful death plaintiffs will have an infinite number of questions that can only be answered by a legal professional with years of experience in the field of personal injury and wrongful death law.

Here are two questions that personal injury attorneys commonly hear regarding wrongful death lawsuits:

Subaru has recalled approximately 400,000 cars

The world-famous automaker, Subaru, recently announced the recall of 400,000 vehicles in the United States due to a stalling problem. The recall affects two separate groups of vehicles: 299,000 model years 2018 Legacy and Outback cars; and 166,000 model years 2012-2014 Imprezas, and model year 2013 BRZ, XV Crostrek and Toyota Scion FR-S's.

The first group of vehicles above (the Legacys and Outbacks) has a problem relating to the software in the vehicles that prevents their fuel warning lights from turning on. The fuel indicator problem renders inaccurate the display that states "miles-to-empty." This problem might cause drivers to suddenly run out of gas, stall and get into an accident.

Why it is easier to get away with hit-and-runs in late autumn

Despite the increase in security measures and awareness of the issue, hit-and-run fatalities have recently come to a record high. Certain states in the nation have it worse than others, and unfortunately, Tennessee is one of them. Recent studies show that Tennessee is one of the top ten states with the highest average number of hit-and-runs in 2016.

As we arrive towards the middle of autumn, we also arrive at a time of the year with some of the most optimal conditions for a reckless driver to flee a scene without catching them. Residents need to be aware of these factors so they can take precautions before heading out on the streets.

BMW recalls 1.6 million diesel vehicles

BMW announced last Tuesday that it will expand a recall of 480,000 diesel cars to a total of 1.6 million. The recall will affect BMWs found throughout the world. It was inspired by numerous cars that caught on fire in South Korea earlier this year.

According to BMW, the problems that caused the fires relates to coolant leaks in the emission control systems of affected cars. When the coolant leaks and collects in areas where diesel soot is found, the combination creates a serious risk of fire. Although numerous cars caught fire in South Korea, there were no reported injuries or fatalities attributed to the instances.

How to heal broken bones faster

If you were involved in a serious car accident, there's a chance that you suffered a broken bone. These injuries are painful, debilitating and they can affect virtually anywhere in your body that you find a bone. Due to the pain, discomfort and disabling nature of these injuries, most patients want to know how they can speed up their recovery.

Here are five ways that patients with bone fractures might be able to speed up their healing processes:

Don't forget about taxes when valuing marital assets

Imagine you and your spouse own a sizable marital estate together that includes art, collector's items, luxury vehicles, real estate and investment accounts. However, you've decided to get a divorce and now you're facing the task of determining a fair and lawful way to divide your extensive assets. One thing you'll want to remember when valuing these assets is to calculate the tax liabilities that accompany your assets.

To illustrate this issue clearly, let's say you and your spouse own a $300,000 painting that you purchased for $3,000 approximately 20 years ago. You and your spouse also own a $300,000 vacation home that cost $300,000 when you bought it five years ago. One of these assets, the painting, experienced substantial financial gains over the years you owned it. If you were to liquidate the painting in a sale, the increase in value would trigger enormous capital gains taxes. If you were to liquidate the property, on the other hand, you would not trigger any capital gains taxes. As such, the true value of both of these assets is quite different because, as in the case of the painting, you would receive a great deal less by selling it (after subtracting taxes) than you would for the real estate.

Preparing for your fall driving

With summer vacation over and the kids going back to school, the temperatures are beginning to fall in Tennessee. Several studies show summer to be the most dangerous driving season of the year, but that does not mean that autumn is lacking when it comes to driving hazards.

As the seasons transition in the Volunteer State, there are several aspects you need to change about your driving approach to prepare yourself for fall’s obstacles. It is better to apply these alterations as soon as you can so you can develop these habits quickly.

What are the best treatments for my whiplash?

Tennessee car accident victims may find that they are suffering from severe neck pain, back pain and headaches in the days or weeks following a serious car accident. These symptoms could relate to the medical condition known as whiplash -- one of the most common problems that people have after a jarring auto collision.

If you're suffering from whiplash caused by an auto accident, here are some of the ways that doctors recommend you can find relief and speed up your whiplash recovery:

How will driverless cars improve the world?

In the wake of several fatal car accidents that involved autonomous and semiautonomous vehicles, it seems that the fervor and excitement that surrounded this technology has begun to cool. Consumers, however, are still excited about the numerous benefits associated with a world without drivers, but they're realizing this dream could take some time to finally become a reality.

In the meantime, however, it doesn't hurt to consider the benefits that fully autonomous vehicles could provide:

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