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June 2018 Archives

4 ways to prevent vehicle accidents

It's kind of difficult to believe, but if Tennessee motorists simply obeyed all of the traffic rules, drivers could circumvent the vast majority of car accidents and hundreds of lives would be saved every year. Unfortunately, we do not currently live in a society of rule followers and many drivers invariable break the law in countless ways every time they get behind the wheel.

When driving, it pays to hold off on eating.

When you were young, your parents probably told you to wait two hours to swim after eating. But did anyone ever warn you against eating while driving? With the proliferation of drive-through fast food restaurants, it’s become an oddly accepted societal norm in this country—even though such behavior is actually quite dangerous.

5 lives lost to Tennessee boating accidents this year

We've made it halfway through 2018, but not without losing five souls to Tennessee boating accidents. Three out of five of these accidental deaths involved paddle-driven watercrafts. Unfortunately, it looks like we could see even more deaths in the second half of the year.

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